McNab Dental is a prominent Brisbane family dental practice located in the heart of city. We offer exceptional service and quality care to everyone who comes through our doors. Our primary aim has always been the same: to help you to keep your teeth for life. Everyone here at McNab Dental are dedicated to our patients. We offer early morning appointments. If transport is an issue, we can arrange for a pickup if required. One of our dentists has two university aged children who are available for pick up and drop off if required during holidays. Just let us know!

Rob McNab – Founder of McNab Dental

The original practice was established 1955 and was founded by Dr Dr Fitz Vincent. Fitz retired two years later in 1979 and the practice gained two new members: Michelle Ricks-McKenzie (our current practice manager) and Dr Rob McNab, who took over the practice and renamed it Rob McNab Dental Practice. Since Rob’s retirement in 2018, we have renamed the practice to become McNab Dental to keep the familiarity of the practice and honour his tireless contributions. The remaining staff have nearly 200 years of experience in dentistry between them. McNab Dental is now owned by Dr. Chris Wing and Prosthodontist Dr Justin Boulton, who is also the son of one of our dentists and is a long standing colleague of Rob McNab.

Our practice provides a number of treatments and services to our patients. More details can be found on our services page. Our dentists available for appointments are Dr. Amy Daley, Dr. Chris Wing and Dr. Leonard Boulton.

We want to thank our patients for their loyalty to our practice and we hope to see you again soon. If you’d like to book an appointment, please contact us.